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LTC Tree’s methodology and approach to Long Term Care planning has been developed over the years by some of the industry’s most experienced advisers.  Every quote we generate is reviewed and vetted by your personal LTC Tree advisor.  When you work with an LTC Tree planning specialist, you’ll have access to someone with experience in the business.  Our average agent has over a decade of experience in the specifics of Long Term Care planning using complex instruments like traditional and hybrid Long Term Care policies.

Sometimes you want to speak to a person. We’re here for you six days a week.

Howard Gottlieb

Howard GottliebHoward is a well-respected Long Term Care Specialist.

He has been helping families protect their savings and independence since 1999. Howard also partners with financial advisors and other professionals to educate their clients on the importance of Long Term Care planning. In 2011, he was ranked the number one agent in his home state by the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance. He was also recently named as an endorsed local provider (ELP) of Long Term Care Insurance by the Dave Ramsey  organization. Howard has earned both M.B.A. and M.S.W. degrees from the University of Michigan.


Prior to his Long Term Care career, Howard had worked as a stockbroker and marketing manager. He also spent time as a social worker. This was where he saw the devastation that is caused when a family member or valued employee unexpectedly need long term care. Howard is an advocate for his clients and helps them attain the peace of mind of having a plan.  His goal is to educate his clients, not to pressure or obligate them. He is able to work with clients either in

person or over the telephone.

Howard resides with his wife, Teresa, and their daughter, Mika. He enjoys hiking, reading, and travel.

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"I was concerned I may not qualify due to some arthritis treated by medications. Once I spoke with LTC Tree, I felt like I had a plan of companies that would accept me. Two months later, my application was approved and after a short Q&A with my agent I sent in the premium and put coverage in force. All is well.

Don B., Ft Myers Florida

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