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The Problem: Typically, Long Term Care Insurance is sold through a network of local insurance agents who may or may not be committed to the business and have understanding of how the policies work.  The process for the consumer can feel both time consuming and rushed at the same time.  How can this be?

When you make an appointment with your local insurance agent, it can sometimes seem as if they want to give you a 2-3 hour session on why you need Long Term Care coverage and put you through an uncomfortable sales presentation to take away common objections.

Save Time

Once the agent has finished with the sale presentation, there's a good chance you may be encouraged to sign up for coverage right then and there - with no research.  Many agents are trained to even ask for the first premium check with the application!  There's a better way.

The Solution: We designed our entire existence in the market around helping clients research and buy Long Term Care Insurance without the sales pitch, and without the need for speed.  Most companies don’t require you to write a check to see if you are even approved.  We’ll guide you through the process over weeks/months, whatever you’re most comfortable with.


"I was concerned I may not qualify due to some arthritis treated by medications. Once I spoke with LTC Tree, I felt like I had a plan of companies that would accept me. Two months later, my application was approved and after a short Q&A with my agent I sent in the premium and put coverage in force. All is well.

Don B., Ft Myers Florida

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